Interactive Map of the Boundary Waters (BWCA) and Quetico Provincial Park with a route time and distance calculator. Quetico Provincial Park, located in northwestern Ontario on the international border with Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota, is one of the . Quetico Provincial Park. Made with Google My Maps. No results. Search this map. Move map to. From your map. show all on map. From Google. Map Data.

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The new fishing regulations came into effect on 1 January Dawson Trail Ranger Station One of two park stations accessible by car. You can also check out these quetico provincial park map on the Canada Border Services Agency web site or call their office at The application contains instructions quetico provincial park map how to apply, accepted forms of payment and required documentation. Labrador Tea has a leathery texture with a soft green color. Currently, Quetico Park reservations can be made by phone or online, permits can only be picked up at one of 6 Canadian ranger stations.

Current Fire Situation Ontario Parks: This page was last updated on February 18, Turn south and follow the international boundary back to the Prairie Portage area. Already have an account? This page uses Javascript.

You must be logged in to rate campsites. Hunting or molesting quetico provincial park map or possession of a firearm or fireworks is not allowed. If you prefer river travel, you can avoid one of the portages by heading down the Cache River to Kawnipi Lake.

Waterproof Map of Quetico Park

Besides small mammals, the wildlife in Quetico makes a perfect home for larger mammals. From there, portage back to Pickerel Lake and return to Nym Lake by reversing the route you followed on the first day. The route “movie” will show a little canoe going along your quetico provincial park map route and ma; photos along the way. Locals say the park is named after the ” Que bec Ti mber Co mpany”; however, no par, company existed.

Canada Border Services Agency. Already have an account? We know some of quetido problems, but please let us know if something doesn’t work right or if you have suggestions quetico provincial park map make it better. The hoot of the Barred Owl and the call of the Common Loon provide the background music for the landscape.

Argo and Crooked lakes, Curtain Falls, the Siobhan and Darky rivers and the pictographs of Darky Lake are among the not-too-distant attractions. This route is recommended for experienced and fit paddlers however, for the two Cache Lake portages are long and wet. This is still something we are experimenting with, but it was so much fun and strangely addicting that we thought we’d quetico provincial park map what we have so far.

Quetico Canadian Border Outfitters: It is advised to apply for the RABC by mail at least weeks before your trip to avoid processing delays at the border. It may also be from an Ojibwe name for a benevolent spirit who resides in places of great quetico provincial park map.

Though the Dawson Trail Campground area is possibly the busiest site in the park, the wilderness area just south of it is among the least busy. Quetico provincial park map Route Finder calculates the distance and time from one point to another. Learn more at http: For more information on required documentation and entering Canada, visit the CBSA web site admissibility page.

Baptism Creek-Cache-Kawnipi-Alice Loop French Lake Ranger Station km 8 days 19 lakes, 20 portages, Challenging Qjetico the Dawson Trail Campground quetico provincial park map is possibly the busiest site in the park, the wilderness area just south of it is among the least busy.

Ministry of Natural Resources: Please enable javascript or use a javascript-enabled browser. Quetico provincial park map to the risk of bear attacks, it is important to see how to handle bear encounters. Javascript is not enabled on your browser. Wildman also addressed one of the band’s request to allow mechanized boats in the park for the purposes of guiding. Inthe province cancelled the band’s right to the reserve and relocated the people on the reserve.

Please report any unexpected results, calculation errors, and anything that seems to be wrong. The plant has white flowers in the spring and red berries in the summer. Quetico Provincial Park is home to many different species of animals. More Places to Paddle.

Because either you paark it selected in the quetico provincial park map or the normal method took too long to calculate, this route was calculated using the bidirectional method.

Quetico Provincial Park the Ultimate Guide to Quetico Canoe Trips

This provuncial is ideal for those who prefer long, uninterrupted stretches of paddling, with only an occasional portage quetico provincial park map leg-stretching. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The RouteFinder is for entertainment purposes only and should not be relied on for trip planning or navigation. Do not select the Affiliate ID option if you will quetico provincial park map posting the link on a website that does not allow commercial posting. Permit availability information from Recreation.

Official Quetico Park Map. Then into Kawnipi Lake for a long uninterrupted paddle.